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Highland Cattle for Sale ...

Sales BannerLocated in Victoria, Australia we usually have a range of Scottish Highland Cattle for sale.

All our stock are derived from Fully Imported Bloodlines and these cattle are often referred to as "Fullblood". This means that there is no grading-up from any other breed of cattle within their pedigrees, so our genetics are totally 100% Highland Cattle.  For an explanation of Highland Cattle grading in Australia see our article titled "Fullblood, Graded, or What".  This is accessible from our Main Menu.

Whether you want something pretty to look at, or whether you are looking for sound breeding stock as the foundation for your herd, we're sure to have something to suit your needs.

Page last updated ... 12th September

Black steer and young boyTwo steers and young boy

The photos below are more examples of animals we have sold previously.

young highland heiferHighland Steer
Highland HeifersSilver Dun Colour Highland Steer
2016 SteerYoung bull calf
2015 Heifers curious about the fireHighland Heifers on the hill

The above photos are examples of animals we have sold previously.